Satu Tahunku

Hi There!

it has been a long time since my last post in May 2015, what a bad website owner I am leaving this blog old and dusty šŸ˜›

anyway, as year 2015 draws to close, I just want to recap the things happened throughout the year. I consider this year as an amazing year full of fun, exciting, playful, stressful, cold, hot, and on the top of that, beautiful collaboration with so many wonderful people. I therefore do not want to let this memory go astray and prefer to write it in this blog to make it last forever.

January,2015:Ā  Remaining UK Trip and First Heavy Snow

Actually we (I, Yangie, Emily, and Kak Ratih) began our UK trip right after the boxing day in December. we departed from Buchanan Bus Station with London as our main destination. Originally, we want to enjoy the new year celebration near the London Eye whereby the glorious fireworks were lighted up. Before reaching London, we traveled to several beautiful cities in UK: Newcastle, Durham, York, Manchester, and Oxford. From this journey I began to understand the characteristics of my travel-mates. They are absolutely the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Yangie is a tough and boldĀ  woman, full of initiative, a self-starter, and would not let even a second in her life is wasted. I’ve learnt a lot from her of how to make life more meaningful to others. Emily is a cute girl which is very humble, so much selfless and sincere, always talk to her mom every day on the phone and don’t ever try to disturb her when it is her time to call her mom. Kak Ratih is the most easy going person I’ve ever met, very straightforward, and have so many experiences. I love being their company and now I miss them so much šŸ˜¦


from left to right: Kak Ratih, Emily, Me, and Yangie; Location in Warner Bross Harry Potter Studio

First Snow

maybe it is the dream of everyone live in tropical region to touch and feel the snow. For me it came true in January 2015 when the snow fell all over the UK, including Glasgow. I forget the exact date, but it was in Friday when we were going to gather for ISC putri. I started to record the video of the falling snow and sent it to my family and friends in Indonesia. overly excited, we also headed to Kelvingrove Park and University of Glasgow main building to play with the snow *oh my God it sounds so childish*. The facts are the snow was very cold and made your hand sore by touching it too often. The temperature in Glasgow was as low as -7 CĀ  when the snow was first fallingĀ  and it did not exceed 5 degrees in the following days. what is more, when the snow rain stopped, the road became very slippery by the black ice and it, of course and very often, injured many people. The snow was still frequently falling until the mid of March and the temperature was reasonably low that you have to wear “a complete set of war suits” every time you need to go out.


I want to build a snowmaann~ Location: University of Glasgow Main Building

February-March: Flat-Campus-Library and Repeat

The second term was actually began in the mid of January, however, in January my brain was still as freeze as the winter air. Therefore I started to back on the studying rhytm in February. In the second semester, the subjects taught were totally different from the first semester. for the first time I’ve felt like I’ve became the real social science student. the subjects I’ve learnt, the journal articles I’ve read, and the coursework I’ve did made me realize that accounting was not as narrow as preparing the financial statement. my brain was completely twisted, accounting could be the part of social development, and financial term was not a mere measure of one’s prosperity.

it was, of course, quite difficult for me to think for every phenomena in a critical way, to read the journal articles that applied very sophisticated language (I’ve ever read a journal for the whole week just to understand its content), even to write in a proper academic manner was still very difficult for me. I have to admit the second semester was totally challenging for me. I know it was difficult, but I hopefully believe that, directly or indirectly, these situations could affect the way I deal with problems.

By the end of march, the second term was ended, I’ve submitted my dissertation proposal, and it was the end of the lecture process; no more coming in a rush to class, no more never ending debate in group discussion, no more pretending to pay attention in statistic class, no more intriguing and engaging SEA lecture (the only class I have which only consists of 20 students). and today I miss every second of these activities, I amĀ  in love with the learning process University of Glasgow provided me (except statistic class of course). Thank Allah for giving me opportunity to experience this process, You are indeed The Most Gracious :’)

*sorry I have no picture for this part :(*

Celebrating the submission of dissertation proposal, I’ve took a two days trip to Stirling. A small city located 1 hour of train journey from Glasgow. Actually it was for Kibar Glasgow pengajian bulanan but I decided to stay for a night there. quite refreshing and made me ready for exam preparation (tapi bohooong :P)


All those vigorous time made me want to back-bend by the Stirling’s river

April: The Dark Age

It was actually spring holiday, but for me there was no holiday in April. I have to prepare for the exam in May. I realized that I am not a bright student that could easily understand the subjects. I hence forced my self to stay at least 8 hours in the library to summarize the journal articles and book chapters. Actually this time is not good to be remembered and told. at this time I honestly just wanted to go home and meet my mom. However, every time I felt so devastated,Ā  I just remembered that I’ve carried the responsibility to finish this study, Indonesian people financed my study, hence I need to do my best to paid it. Moreover, Allah will not give a burden more than you could carry.

May: The Third World War: Me Against The Exam

and here came the exams! I had three exams to be taken on May: Social and Environmental Reporting, Advanced International Corporate Reporting, and Issues in Accounting Research. Even though SER was my favorite subject, from all of the other subjects, I obtained lowest score in here. Honestly, I did not take this exam seriously as I opt out last chapters when preparing the exam, and you know what, every questions addressed in the exam were the chapters I did not study so seriously, so congratulations and poor me.

initially, after exams finished I was planning to go to Indonesia for the purpose of regaining the energy by meeting my family. Unfortunately, the dissertation supervision schedule started earlier for me that hence I had to withdraw my intention to go home.

June-July : Dissertation, Ramadhan, and Lebaran!

These two months were regarded as my favorite time of the year. There were no more classes and no more studying for exams that I could set my time more freely. As this was the summer time, the sun rose earlier, in 3 or 4 am and down very late (around 10 pm). It made the Ramadhan fasting really challenging. I usually slept after Fajr, woke up in 9 am, went to the library to work on the dissertation, I started working in 10 am and finished around 5 pm. went home, sleep, and cook for dinner. we usually did not slept until the Fajr, hence we could use this time to pray tarawih and continued to work on the dissertation.

I have been very grateful as Allah gave me so many helps in doing my dissertation. one of His blessing is through Kak Murniati Mukhlisin’s help. She is the PhD graduate from University of Glasgow and now becoming an accounting lecturer in the University of Essex, very amazing isn’t she. She helped me to build the solid theoretical ground in my dissertation, taught me on how to write a good academic writing, and advised me on how to rigorously arranged the time schedule. May Allah grant her a very good rewards :’). Allah also gave me with a bunch of nice neighbors and friends: Hillhead SisterhoodĀ  (Yangie, Emily, Eva, Abeth, Mba Lila, Kak Ratih), Bang Asra and Teh Iim’s Family, Kelvinhaugh Neighborhood (Bu Yuyuk, Aghnaa, Zaki, Gulfano), Teh Siska’s family, Mba Desita and Bang Yassa, Kak Ani’s Family, and everyone in ISC putri. every time I felt too bored with the routine I could come to their places or they could comes to ours in Bank Street. Alhamdulillah for the Ramadhan month that we could strengthen the ties of kinship through break fasting and tarawih together. they of course,Ā  turn a difficult day into its brightest and be my closest family when I was away from my parents šŸ™‚


Idul Fitr in Glasgow

August: Dissertation Submission and Farewell

As we entered August, my heart started to unrest. I’ve had the mix feeling of happy and sad at the same time. Happy as I would finished the study and met my family again. On one hand I felt so sad as I should left all of the comfort I’ve had in Glasgow. However, I decided to cherish every last moment in Glasgow that I could remember it for the rest of my life. I went to Oban with Emily before the dissertation submission deadline just to ate a full plate of seafood, had a fine afternoon tea with the girls, and made any effort to gather with friends in any occasion.


Afternoon Tea with The Girls; Location in Willow Tearoom Buchanan Street (From left-to-right, clockwise: Bu Yuyuk, Abeth, Mba Lila, Yangie, Mba Desita, Emily, Teh Siska, Teh Iim and Bian, Me)


With Lovely Emily in Oban

as it comes to the dissertation submission, I realize that my responsibility as a student had finished. However, it made my self anxious about everything that would came after it. At that time, I decided to not take it too much until I would arrived in Jakarta. I thought that I should be grateful instead of sad as Allah allowed me to experienced one marvelous year in Glasgow.


My Submitted Dissertation

By the end of August, the Hillhead sisterhood initiated a farewell for UofG Indonesian family. We prepared a video, awards, and games for this event that hence everyone could embrace our togetherness. the event was held on Eva and Karisa’s flat, a very comfy place for gathering. What I remembered from that night was it was very full of laugh and joy that it literally made my head spinning. oh how much I miss that moment :’)

September: The Most Uncertain Period of The Year

No matter how hard I’ve told to myself to not took everything too much, it was not working quite good at that time. My heart was broken as I saw my friends went for the Europe Trip or for good. At one night I cried in Eva’s arm regretting why I have to left Glasgow when everything was felt very comfortable and lovely.Ā  However, the main purpose of me being in Glasgow was to study for a year and back again to Indonesia to fulfill my promise to this country. It was very hard yet I should back to Indonesia.September 8th was the day I went back to Indonesia from Glasgow. Fortunately, I had Yangie with me in this journey hence it could lessen my sorrow.

Couple of days of my first arrival in Jakarta is absolutely uneasy. I used to compare the situation in Glasgow with everything in Jakarta. Honestly, I was also afraid of loosing the habit I have attained during a year of my stay in Glasgow. After reading a friend’s article on a blog, I start to think that the real challenge was just about to begin. the real life starts as I accomplished my study in Glasgow. Life is about moving from one situation to another new situation, leaving your comfort zone to move to another difficult zone and make it your new kind of comfort zone. this thought made me realize that I had to make up my intention and to reset my goals. I spent the whole September just to figure out what I have to do in this life, I honestly experienced a life crisis period in this time. At the end I realize that my main goal is to give as many benefit as I can to this country and religion. IfĀ  I think that this country is still left behind than It became my duty to fix this. I’ve already received so much blessing, Allah provided me an opportunity to pursue my study, both in undergraduate and graduate, with the help of scholarship. I thought it was my responsibility to pay everything back that I wish in the judgement day I could answer the question regarding this blessing. Therefore, I decided to end this life crisis stage by the end of September.

October: I Have to Start!

Finish with the uncertainty period I decided to do anything essential for life. Alhamdulillah, Bu Sylvia Veronica provided me an opportunity to be her research assistant. Fortunately, the topics she addressed was very fit with my passion: CSR reporting and IFRS full adoption in Indonesia.

November: The New Beginning

Alhamdulillah, at the beginning of November I’ve got a job. I hope in this place I could do my best to contribute to this country. May Allah give me strength to continue on my dreams.

December: Graduation!

Since the mid year of 2015 I’ve decided to attend the graduation just to motivate me to study harder. Alhamdulillah I’ve got an opportunity to finally attend the graduation ceremony. My office allowed me to take a week leave for this event. I arrived in Edinburgh on December 1st, took the bus to Glasgow, and took the subway from Buchanan Bus Station and headed to 59 Bank Street. I had an indescribeableĀ  feeling of happiness as I breathe the air of Glasgow.

during my short stay in Glasgow, alhamdulillah I could attend ISC putri and met my beloved Indonesian sisters, I could also attend Abeth graduation (although unfortunately I could not catch up Bu Yuyuk and Yangie graduation ). Even though my parents could not attend my graduation alhamdulillah Eva and Okky agreed to accompany me in my graduation and some friends also came to our graduation day.


ISC Putri in Teh Siska’s Flat, December 2nd 2015


My Graduation Day, December 3rd 2015

As it was only a short stay, I left Glasgow on December 5th and arrived on Jakarta the following day. I wish someday I could back to Glasgow again. Now the most important thing is to apply every experience and knowledge I have obtained. Ya Allah please give us strength to remain steadfast in Islam that every thing we do is only for you..

Cibubur, December 2015 – January 2016


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