A Brief Auto-Critics for Muslim in Muslim-Majority Countries

Having born in Muslim-majority country, Indonesia, becomes a blessing for me. Muslims are found everywhere in my country, my family is Muslim, my neighbour is Muslim, and my President is also Muslims. Mosque is just a few step from my front door and adzan is freely pronounced five times a day. Muslims in my country are, however, do not integrate the holistic Islamic values in daily life. It is sad as I read the article in the online newspaper (Kompas, 2015) stating that, according to research, the most Islamic country in the world is Ireland, followed by Denmark, Luxemburg, and New Zealand. Meanwhile, countries who claim that their government are based on Islamic law placed in the bottom rank. Plausibly, the taken for grantedness of Islam as an inborn religion make us lulled by our Islamic status.

It is quite clear that we are being indoctrinated that Islam means implementing the five basic principle1388329982111341508 of Islam: syahadah, shalat, fasting in Ramadhan, paying zakat, and conducting hajj. Nevertheless, for most of the Muslims, this principle is merely becomes something that we have to write in Islamic religion examination. For other, they do the five principles but they do not know why they do it. The plethora of social problems, however, are still exist even Muslim already performing the five principles. It is elusive whether the social problems arise due to the high poverty level or because Muslims performing the five principles only want to be perceived as the legitimate Muslim.

If we trace back to the era of Rasulullah (PBUH) and his sahaba, their life is not as glamorous as todays’ life, even many of them live under poverty but Allah give them His blessing that therefore they were regarded as the best ummah. It is apparent that, under the guidance of Rasulullah (PBUH) they perform the Islamic principle comprehensively and properly. Their closeness to Allah made the Islamic values integrate in their daily life. Unsurprisingly, at that time, Islam got its hegemony and flourished throughout the world. People embrace Islam because they saw the dignity of Muslims not simply because their parents were Muslims.

One might say that it will be easy for the first generation of Muslim to embrace the comprehensive Islamic value as they live under Rasulullah (PBUH) guidance. For today’s generation, on the other hand, one might claim such things become more troublesome since we have been far away from Rasulullah (PBUH). However, the aforementioned fact that the Continental European and the Anglo-Saxon countries who regarded as the most Islamic country, supposed to be a hard slap in the face for Muslim country. It is apparent that Ireland, Denmark, and New Zealand never claim themselves as the religious country, even Islam is the minority of religion in these countries, and however, they embrace the Islamic values in their life. Consequently, in these countries, people live in prosperity (with the low gap of income equality) and equity (whereby the heterogeneity of principle is respected and considered as cultural affluence). Meanwhile, in Islamic country, people live with the infusion of materialism value, thereby people are compete to gain wealth in many ways while neglecting the concern of society. We might see the luxurious sky-scraper in the centre of Jakarta, but paradoxically, we might also find the fact that many people live in their shack steps away from the train rail.

However, I believe, once people started to implement the Islamic values and principle properly, it might leads to the social problems breakthrough. Shalat that we perform has to be able to prevent the act of evil, thereby we should fully concentrate while doing shalat. The fasting we do in Ramadhan should be the touchstone of self-control therefore we will be more likely to resist the lure of materialism. The encouragement of zakat and shadaqah should allow the reducing of equality gap. Moreover, as Islamic value is applicable for all of the mankind, it is tenable that if the values is applied it will lead to common prosperity. Hence, it is unsurprising that Ireland, Denmark, Luxemburg, and Ireland is regarded as the most Islamic country. Muslim should learn that the innate their innate status of Muslim do not automatically allows them to be the righteous person, but the deep understanding of Islamic value and the comprehensive implementation of the principles will.